Racechanged, again…

As the title say – I racechanged. I got a free potion so here we goo… Continue reading

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Joined an FC – Souls

Me and Oni joined a Free Company as we were tired of running alone.

As the title say, it’s called Souls. Continue reading


The Stage

So I made a stage, as I’ve seen so many other pictures with it. Ofc I had to join the club!

A few partitions painted black and 2 spotlights on the wall. Continue reading

Testing dat ReShade.


I love taking my screenshots as you know, and lately I’ve heard of this thing called ReShade. It just makes games look better, but can take a toll on your PC. I was very sceptical about it because I don’t want to do anything that might be illegal and get me banned from FFXIV. Then I saw Rinike’s post, and she had tried it as well, and she linked to a post on MMOgames where there was a post. In that post there was a quote from Hvinire of the Square Enix community team, it said:

Originally Posted by Hvinire:
Utilizing such a tool would not violate any agreements customers have with Square Enix, and we don’t plan on doing anything to restrict users from accessing it.

However, we advise that players use this at their own risk. Square Enix does not regulate the content of the aforementioned add-on and will not be responsible for any damage or losses resulting from its use.

So then I decided to test it, and here is the result.

Here’s an example of the difference.

I’ve had some issues with saving the settings into a file, I’ll have to figure that out later, for now I have to do it manually everytime. I could just download someone elses shader settings but I like to do it myself tbh. I quite like Reshade, but I turn of the settings once I am done doing the photo even if my PC can handle having it all on I just want to spare my PC from the strain. At the end of the day, these are things you could do in Photoshop or Krita, I know a lot of people do that kinda thing, even mess with adding hair and whatever you can imagine. But I guess this save some time 😉

Good Morning!

Morning! Or evening? It’s morning here anyways and I am sitting here with my cup of tea, with an insane kitten sprinting around the house making wierd sounds. Someone had too much sleep, while I did not!

I am home, I got up early and here I am thinking I could blog a little but I am also tired so my mind is blank.

Guess I don’t need to write much, I can just post my pictures as I usually do.


I had a leftover Fantasia from god knows when, in my bag, so I decided to change yet again. Everywhere I turned there was miqo’tes. And even the people from my WoW guild who is testing the game out is kittens, there are kittens everywhere! So Au Ra, here we go.


Yesterday or the day before I managed to get my first tank up to level 70, I’ve taken a liking to the warrior. People talk about paladin being the best this and that and others are shit, but I think every tank can get the job done – or atleast I hope so, cause I really love THIS tank. Espesially the gear you got after finishing the warrior story. Not that I have looked into how the other tanks gear looks like, I will find out cause I plan on leveling all three of them.


Tanking is just as scary as it’s always been but I really love it in this game, so I am trying to push through that little angst I get from doing new things. Cause all tanking is, is experience isn’t it.

I also did the All Saint’s Wake, which was awesome. I just love how they do new things each year to the events. The outfit was cool, I am using the ears on almost every glamour I have. Shame the tail was on the chestpiece rather then the skirt, but I understand why. Because it would either get hidden under every chestpiece, or clip through.


The dungeon event was also fun, mostly cause I didn’t expect it at all and it was nice to see something I hadn’t. And using Haukke Manor was brilliant, I love that dungeon for it’s atmosphere, so it was so nice to see they making more use of it.

I got another mount too, I guess a lot of people had this already because it was on an event at some other poing when I wasn’t playing. So I was very happy to see this come back.


Whisper A-go Mount.

It is a bit tiny for us bigger races, but I find it quite funny. I know there is also the Whisper A-go-go mount, but since I just discovered the event, I am not going for it because I don’t think I even have the time, which is a shame. But ey, I have this one! Also got the cool watch which I wierdly enough adore.


Also been redecorating my house alot (fc house), I don’t have a lot of pictures of it, and the servers are down, but I can show u the pics I have. I’ll show more at a later date.

That’s it for now I think. Now I shall go play on my miniature Snes that I got a few days ago 😀 Yay for nostalgia and Yoshi.