Testing dat ReShade.


I love taking my screenshots as you know, and lately I’ve heard of this thing called ReShade. It just makes games look better, but can take a toll on your PC. I was very sceptical about it because I don’t want to do anything that might be illegal and get me banned from FFXIV. Then I saw Rinike’s post, and she had tried it as well, and she linked to a post on MMOgames where there was a post. In that post there was a quote from Hvinire of the Square Enix community team, it said:

Originally Posted by Hvinire:
Utilizing such a tool would not violate any agreements customers have with Square Enix, and we don’t plan on doing anything to restrict users from accessing it.

However, we advise that players use this at their own risk. Square Enix does not regulate the content of the aforementioned add-on and will not be responsible for any damage or losses resulting from its use.

So then I decided to test it, and here is the result.

Here’s an example of the difference.

I’ve had some issues with saving the settings into a file, I’ll have to figure that out later, for now I have to do it manually everytime. I could just download someone elses shader settings but I like to do it myself tbh. I quite like Reshade, but I turn of the settings once I am done doing the photo even if my PC can handle having it all on I just want to spare my PC from the strain. At the end of the day, these are things you could do in Photoshop or Krita, I know a lot of people do that kinda thing, even mess with adding hair and whatever you can imagine. But I guess this save some time 😉


Good Morning!

Morning! Or evening? It’s morning here anyways and I am sitting here with my cup of tea, with an insane kitten sprinting around the house making wierd sounds. Someone had too much sleep, while I did not!

I am home, I got up early and here I am thinking I could blog a little but I am also tired so my mind is blank.

Guess I don’t need to write much, I can just post my pictures as I usually do.


I had a leftover Fantasia from god knows when, in my bag, so I decided to change yet again. Everywhere I turned there was miqo’tes. And even the people from my WoW guild who is testing the game out is kittens, there are kittens everywhere! So Au Ra, here we go.


Yesterday or the day before I managed to get my first tank up to level 70, I’ve taken a liking to the warrior. People talk about paladin being the best this and that and others are shit, but I think every tank can get the job done – or atleast I hope so, cause I really love THIS tank. Espesially the gear you got after finishing the warrior story. Not that I have looked into how the other tanks gear looks like, I will find out cause I plan on leveling all three of them.


Tanking is just as scary as it’s always been but I really love it in this game, so I am trying to push through that little angst I get from doing new things. Cause all tanking is, is experience isn’t it.

I also did the All Saint’s Wake, which was awesome. I just love how they do new things each year to the events. The outfit was cool, I am using the ears on almost every glamour I have. Shame the tail was on the chestpiece rather then the skirt, but I understand why. Because it would either get hidden under every chestpiece, or clip through.


The dungeon event was also fun, mostly cause I didn’t expect it at all and it was nice to see something I hadn’t. And using Haukke Manor was brilliant, I love that dungeon for it’s atmosphere, so it was so nice to see they making more use of it.

I got another mount too, I guess a lot of people had this already because it was on an event at some other poing when I wasn’t playing. So I was very happy to see this come back.


Whisper A-go Mount.

It is a bit tiny for us bigger races, but I find it quite funny. I know there is also the Whisper A-go-go mount, but since I just discovered the event, I am not going for it because I don’t think I even have the time, which is a shame. But ey, I have this one! Also got the cool watch which I wierdly enough adore.


Also been redecorating my house alot (fc house), I don’t have a lot of pictures of it, and the servers are down, but I can show u the pics I have. I’ll show more at a later date.

That’s it for now I think. Now I shall go play on my miniature Snes that I got a few days ago 😀 Yay for nostalgia and Yoshi.

Gaming Rut

Been really struggeling with gaming lately. As I wrote not long ago, I went back to WoW. We restarted our guild and we already got 9/9 HC ToS. Which I think is a really good job since we just built our guild back together again.

Guild atmosphere has been great, people have been awesome. We have geared eachother up through the raid, as a lot of us did not have the gear for it, while a few people really carried with the dps for a while. But most seem up to date now in terms of gear, and we clear it all in one night, before our 3 hour raidnight is even over.


ToS be cleared bro.

Sam bought me a few gifts, cause he is super nice like that. Gifts I really like and enjoy having and using. Even got to share it with the guild.


Warforged Nightmare for all!

Also bought me the cutest pet! I think the money earned from this goes to charity so he didn’t only make me happy, but also gave to a good cause.

But as I wrote at start, I’ve been struggeling with gaming. I have come to a point again in WoW, where I struggle to find things to do that I find entertaining. The content being released just is too small to keep me interested. I did enjoy the questline on Argus and the content we got to do, but I don’t see the replayability there. And I am noticing that I am not the only one that feels this way, as most of the people in the guild are playing other games like GW2, GTA even other mmo’s. There is hardly anyone online these days, we are all waiting for the new raid and Blizzcon.

Tried other games.

Guild Wars 2 was mentioned on discord one day, and a lot of us got really interested in playing it as a guild. Our raidleader has gone super crazy mode and in less then a week he is almost max level. Me and Sam tried it for a while, and while we did enjoy it for a bit, I quickly lost interestest as I have tried leveling so many times before.


Few of us doing a silly heart, aiming our rifles.

After that I decided to try The Division again. I really enjoy that game, and had such a good time leveling and picking up all the random stuff in the world, like cellphone recordings and things. But I can’t play it anymore due to some mouse bug I get and a selected other few it seems. It’s just horrible lag and makes plaing and aiming etc a real pile of crap. I’ve tried all the “fixes”, but nothing really helps. Such a shame, as I love the game.

Also tried Black Desert Online. And to be honest I really enjoy it. But there is a lot to get into, and can be extremely overwhelming. Unfortenaly Sam doesn’t really get the same feel about it as I do, so that’s something I’ll just dabble with alone.


I made my own character and took a screenshot of her, and she has already been “downloaded” a few times which makes me happy. Cause in this game you can download looks of other peoples characters and apply to your own if you want. Which is very neat! Maybe it’s the elf ears I made 😀

Also played around a bit and made another lady before I settled on the girl above.

Other then just making a character, which is incredibly detailed I might add, the game has alot of things to offer. A lot of which I don’t quite understand yet. But the combat style is incredibly fun, game is stunning and it seems very active. If you want to test out an mmo, I’d recommend this one for sure. It’s buy to play, but offers a 7 day trial. It’s on sale on Steam atm too.

FFXIV is what we decided to play today and resub to. We have been a bit hesitant to playing it just because the game easily sucks you in and you feel right at home. And it’s been that fear of it taking over completly and us negleting the guild in WoW. But right now it just feels like WoW have sort of forced us to play something on the side. Seeing as we play WoW once a week now, only for that one raid.

And it seems we got back just in time as the new patch is coming out soon. I am excited to continue the mainstory ♥


A new family member!

As some of you have seen on Twitter, I finally convinced my landlord, or he caved (?) and I could get myself a little kitten. He said I could get whatever I wanted except a dog. Wonder how he would have reacted if I got a lama!?!

Anyways, if you haven’t seen on le Tweets, meet Nala ♥

Nala showing her tounge

She is a mix of something cute, what races is unknown so probably just a mashup of tons of different races. I am not even sure if she will have long or short hair. I am assuming by looking at her, that she is going to land somewhere in the middle, closer to short then long.

I don’t even know how old she is, but thinking somewhere along 15-16 weeks. The guy I got her from had gotten her from a familymember who had to give her up because he was moving. Basically taking her so he could find her a home.

He didn’t live to far away from here, so I texted him and said I was interested in the kitten and he just said, “Yeah sure, just come pick her up right away”. That was basically our whole conversation.

She is a happy kitten, she came into my home, ran straight to the water bowl and had a drink. She ate, she pooped and we played for a few hours. No fuzz. Not scared at all. Even when we vent to the vet for vaccine she was a trooper, purring and cuddling with the vet.

She purrs a lot!

She loves to cuddle and loves to greet you. She talks now and then mostly to let me know she sees me and to let me know where she is. If she has been sleeping and I say hello, she sais hello back with a cute short meow.

And she likes the tv!

Usually when I go to bed, I have my laptop with me and watch and episode of something. And she lays herself infront of me, tucks her front paws under her chest, and watches the screen. You can see her head move around following whatever is going on.

Right now she is more then I ever wished for in a pet. She is social and cuddly, but also likes to play alone. She is very good company  for me. Even though I originally wanted a dog, she is perfect for me and I guess I got what I needed instead of what I wanted originally. As she is a cat she can be more independant, but can also cuddle her mom when she wants to, and I want to cuddle her 😛 Cause she seems to like me, as she rubs her face on my face everytime we are close.


So I am back in WoW! Me and Sam have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy, but at the moment it’s WoW again. We decided to restart our old guild and got a lot of our previous members to join us. Our aim is to do heroic raiding, that is where we are most comfertable and have most fun. If numbers and progress allows us, I guess we could dip our toes into mythic as well. We already have a nice raid team, cause so many wanted to come back. We even met two people we had not seen in a year, in the new area and they wanted to join as well 😀 So this is looking good.


The new patch was kind of cool, I liked the story. I like that the rare’s actually drop the currency you want for gear, that there is mount drops (eggs etc), and that they added a new puzzle for a mount, (which our guildmembers were attacking straight on).

Recently did the older puzzle, which we cheated on and just found a guide 😛


Only thing that bugs me, is the waiting game. Wish they would just put all the quests out there instead of giving us a tiny bit each week. But at least there is content coming so it’s not a proper complaint.

Currently playing the priest as holy and loving the new animations for it. It’s so shiny and suits the priest perfectly.


Other stuff.

Recently I went to an interview at a dog hotel or whatever you want to call it in English. I thought it could be a good place for some work experience, and it could have been. But I ended up saying no to it as there was only one person working there, and that would be to akward for me. Feeling like I would have to carry conversation with one person etc.

So I got another interview with something called EuroPris. It’s a shop with everything in it for a bit lower price then normal. Originally a store would scare the boob out of me, but I’m so fed up now that I decided to dive right in and try it out. If it works out, it means I will get experience working in a shop which opens up the opertunity for most jobs within the genre, which is a lot!

So wish me luck !

Cya later.

The journey begins.

Finally, I can enter Stormblood! As some of you know, my computer fried exactly 2 minutes before the launch of the expansion, 2 frikking minutes. So I had to send it back for a repair. Turned out my motherboard was fried and the powersupply busted. And even as crazy as it might sound, I think it was my new mouse that helped cause all the issues. I’m not really techy so enough about that.

It works now! Mouse is buried.

I got my computer back on Friday, guess what, my internet was down! It went on Thursday evening. Some roadworkers had dug over the cabels, meaning I had no TV nor any internet! Funny thing was, my mom’s apparement had to be renovated cause of some leakage, so she had no internet. Meaning she came to visit me to play WoW on  her laptop. But noo, my net vanished.

Thankfully after a lot of nagging and moaning, the cabel/internet dudes put down a temporary cabel the next day, so I got internet again Friday night.

And the next day they fixed the issue. Untill today! It was down for several hours again, both TV and internet. So I just sat here, staring at the ceeling, napping, drawing, playing on my keyboard. Can’t believe how bored I become when I can’t access TV or internet.


Anyways, I have gotten to 64, almost 65 on my White Mage. And woah the story is really good. Oh my the surprise we got at that last quest at 64… I was telling Sam “omg omg omg”, cause he was a minute behind me on the cutscene. I can’t say what I saw in case you are playing the game and haven’t gotten there yet. But yeah, chills when I saw that npc standing at that big crater.


I didn’t think they could top Heavensward, I was so immersed into that storyline and fell in love with the whole expansion, npcs and world. But I guess they did top it. I am really excited to continue the journey and see how the story unfolds.

Oh and yes, I changed to lalafell – giggles. I think she is adorable.


But it does look a little bit silly when I am the warrior of light, coming into the cutscene with my short legs walking like a penguin. With my pink hair and big bunny ears. Oh well, shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover right ? 😛 Cause I get the job done!


Off to play some more, and to fix the blog a bit. It’s so centered around my miqo’te! 😉




It’s almost time!


It is the last day before the servers go down and they add Stormblood! It’s finally time innit!?


I’m very excited and have spent my day doing the last bits I wanted to get done before the new expansion in FFXIV.

I leveled my scholar up to 60, so I now have all 3 healers ready. But I think I have made my decision to leveling the white mage in SB first, even if people say it’s going to be the most boring and “bad” healer there is. In terms of raiding anyways, but I’m so casual it wont even matter to me, I just really like it. And I have faith in the team behind the game and think it will be playable.

Other then that I finished up some reputation that I wanted to get done. I got the Vath reputation to 7/Sworn, so I could get the seriously awesome mount they sell. I love it, and the sounds it makes.




Also got some reputation with the Vanu Vanu, got that one to 6/Honored, and with that came a dance. Can’t say it’s the most exciting dance, but I have it!! The Sundrop Dance, Woo..♥

giphy (3)

So seeing as the servers will be down tomorrow, I will see you at early access. SOO EXCITED ♥


Doing that screenshot challenge – FFXIV

Well the move has been done AGAIN!! Here’s the new page… Name of it is just after my character in FFXIV. Kind of strange thing to pick, but everything I had in my mind was either taken, or it just didn’t work. So since I can call it Skylar_Irusan on instagram, why not here too ey.

Stormblood is almost here!

I preordered the expansion the second they made it available cause I got so excited, and today they finally billed me. I didn’t realise they weren’t going to bill me untill half a year later or so, lucky I had some money left on the account after buying that pc!!

My tiny new pc ♥

I did the Stormblood Benchmark test and scored 10781 – Extremely high performance, with everything on max so I am very happy with that. Runs very smooth. Sam had like 16000 but his pc costs a hell of a lot more then mine!

Anyways with the expansion coming soon, @FF_XIV_EN have a little challenge going on at Twitter:

I’ve sent in pictures every day so far with the exception of one, day 4. What will you play first – Samurai or Redmage? I had no idea, and no idea of how to show them either so.

Yesterday one of my screenshots got retweeted by @FF_XIV_EN, which was kinda fun. They do retweet a lot of the pictures though, but still it was a little goal I hoped to reach.

Other pictures I’ve sent in so far :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I preordered the game it wont be long till I can download and play the new expansion. Untill then I am trying to level as many jobs to 60 as I can. When stormblood hits, I am thinking of leveling a healer first, either scholar or white mage then the warrior and last the bard. Got dem plans ready yo!!